Friday, November 4, 2011

Rexona Maximum Protection deo review

I tried this for a while...actually it's almost over and I guess I will finish it, even if I am not very happy with it. I will use it only the days that I go to the gym. Why am I not very happy? Well, it's TOO strong! I know, I know, it is supposed to be strong and I have been searching for a strong deodorant for quite a while as I am a very active person, I wake up at 5 or 6 AM every day, I move alot and I don't like to have to stop what I am doing and take a shower in the middle of the day (in the lucky eventuality that I am at home at that moment) just because my deodorant decides to leave me.. uncovered! I can't say that I am a heavy sweater but I am a bit obsessed with body odour, I just. can't. stand it! So yeah, I thought this was the answer to my prayers in these regards, untill I realised it was nothing but a pain in the... underarm! It is soooooooooooo strong that it stays there forever! I raised a brow when reading on the label that it was still efficient even after taking a shower.. I was like "What? You get your underarms wet, use soap, and this thing is still there??" And that is true, the thing stays there! But! It doesn't do anything anymore but feels uncomfortable! You can't even apply another! It's like.. you have to practically SCRUB the damn thing off to use it again, otherwise it will start smelling bad because it won't work anymore as it is supposed to! It is true, if you don't take a shower it keeps you protected against odours for quite a while, I guess over 24 hours (it is supposed to be effective for 48 hours!), but I never stay that long without taking a shower, anyways! I hate how it feels when you shower and you try to wash it off and it's so hard, I get that sensation, like trying to wipe the blackboard and hitting my nail on it, if you know what I mean. Does that make sense? My underarm skin feels like some weird sticky rubbery chalky glue! And looks very dry, too! Feels like it just doesn't breathe anymore, feels like all the pores are filled with that chalky stuff!
In my oppinion, this thing is good when you go to the gym, because is really heavy duty, you won't smell at all... but only then! Oh and I noticed that the more you sweat, the easier it comes off when you wash it! That's too graphic I guess but I wanted to inform you correctly! lol

 To make this review more detailed I will describe it a bit more: It smells nice, but I am not good at describing smells, for me it smells floral-clean.. something. It has a creamy consistency even if it comes in a stick-like container and you click like 2 times (turning the little wheel at the bottom) to get enough for an application.

So yeah, that is my experience with this product. See? I don't only post about products I am inlove with! lol This one I will probably not buy again unless I plan a trip to Sahara. What I normally use is Nivea Dry Comfort 24 hours Cream deodorant and it works just fine for me, so I am back to this one.

It is easy to apply, I like the creamy consistency, lasts a long time (not 24 hours but I don't even want that anymore, after the experience with the Rexona one), washes off easily, smells nice and one tube lasts forever, because you only need to use a little bit, if you put on too much is not nice anymore! lol

I really hope I helped someone with this post :)
Keep smiling, my dears!

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